Hi, I’m Lotte Procé, 25 years old and born and raised in the Netherlands. For the last year I travelled through Australia and just settled down in Melbourne.

I studied journalism at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, where I graduated In 2016 as a camera journalist, with an multimedia production (a short documentary and newspaper-spread) about Syrian refugees. But my love for the camera started long before all this.

Since I was a little kid I used to film and edit everything I saw around me, thanks to my dad who had his own production company. I found out that my passion lies in capturing the reality in my videos. There are just so many beautiful, interesting and important stories out there, I want to show them to the world.

During, and after my study I worked as a freelance Journalist at different newspapers and local television stations. This is also when people started asking me for videos.

Look around on my website to see the kind of videos I like to make. But you can ask me anything, I’m always looking for a challenge and ways to improve my camera- and editing skills.

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